Easy Way to learn English Vocabulary IV

Easy Way to Learn English Vocabulary

(1)  (i) Braise
Meaning: cook with oil and water
Example:  I like braised cabbage.
(ii) Brays (चीक, गधे की आवाज )
Meaning: loud, harsh cry of donkey
Example: A donkey is braying.
(2) Canter (कदमताल , हलकी सरपट दौड़ाना)
Meaning: a moderate gallop
Example: When a horse canters, it moves at a speed that is slower than a gallop but faster than a trot.
(ii) Cantor (गायक)
Meaning: singer
Example: an official who sings liturgical music and leads prayer in a synagogue.

(3) (i) Eyelet (सूराख)
Meaning:  small hole for laces
Example: My shoes have eight eyelets.

(4) Farther (दूर)
Meaning: more distant
Example: Delhi is farther from Alwar in a comparison to Jaipur.
(ii) Further (आगे का)
Meaning: next
Example: Please settle the case without any further delay.

(5) (i)  Fain (प्रसन्नतापूर्वक)
Meaning: gladly
Example:  She would fain on seeing me.
(ii) Feign (ढोंग करना)
Meaning: pretend
Example: When his boss scolded him, he feigned as a deaf.

(6) (i) Gaff (भाला)
Meaning: a barbed spear
Example: A gaff is a pole with a point or hook at one end, which is used for catching large fish.
(ii) Gaffe (ग़लतफ़हमी , भारी भूल )
Meaning: a stupid mistake
Example: He made an embarrassing gaffe at the convention last weekend.

(7) (i) Hammock  (खटोला)
Meaning:  rope bed
Example: A hammock is a piece of strong cloth or netting which is hung between two supports and used as a bed.
(ii) Hummock (छोटी पहाड़ी)
Meaning: low rounded hill
Example: A hummock  is a small raised area of ground, like a very small hill.

(8) (i) Hew  (काटना)
Meaning: to chop
Example: He fell, peeled and hewed his own timber.
(ii) Hue (रंग)
Meaning: a colour
Example:  The same hue will look different indifferent light.

(9) (i) Hoard (जमा करना)
Meaning: store
Example: They have begun to hoard food and sugar.
(ii) Horde  (भीड़)
Meaning: a great many people
Example: This attracted hordes of tourists to Las Vegas.

(10) (i) Indite (रचना)
Meaning: to compose
Example: Though he indited the letter carefully, yet it was not liked by the chairman.
(ii) Indict (इलज़ाम लगाना)
Meaning:  to accuse
Example: He was indicted for theft and murder

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